The Consumerist: The Blog on Consumerism

The Consumerist: The Blog on Consumerism

The Consumerist was the most widely read and most influential consumer affairs website in the U.S. consumer affairs, it is a blog that covers a variety of topics relevant to its readers, including but not limited to technology, finance/banking/credit cards, food and drink, arts and culture, entertainment, environmental issues, and more.

The Consumerist was a finalist for four consecutive years in the blog and would often reach out to reporters at major news outlets on behalf of readers. The blog had many boosters as well as detractors, some pointing to an overzealous tendency, while others derided. 

The Consumerist as an amateur blog that just re-posted content from other sources The publication and its staff were criticized by both the right and left, with the site’s look was designed solely by its web editor, Chris Morran. 

The Consumerist was owned by Consumer Media LLC. The Washington Post Company acquired the blog in October. The site has been operated by their employees and it is a blog run entirely on a volunteer basis. 

The website earned advertising revenue from consumer advocacy corporations. The site was criticized by conservative bloggers for its endorsements of progressive politicians, including Barack Obama and Al Franken. 

The publication has received four nominations for the Webby Award. The Consumerist provides commentary and news about media and technology issues. The website’s journalists frequently reach out to other outlets on behalf of consumers who have been affected. The publication solicits submissions from readers. 

The Consumerist was launched in The publication’s editor-in-chief is Adam Smith, who has held the position since the site’s audience is primarily male. The website frequently publishes reader polls. The Consumerist covers products and services that it believes are of high quality or unique. It is a daily blog covering consumer affairs, The publication’s editors are Christopher Hughes, Laura Northrup, and Ben Popken. The website has over 1.7 million readers per month. The blog contains an extensive amount of “how-to” information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Consumerist Blog

What do you think about the Consumerist blog’s mission? 

A blog on consumerism is a great way to help educate people on the importance of being conscious consumers. It’s important to be aware of the practices of corporations, and to make informed decisions about where we spend our money.

The Consumerist blog does a great job of spotlighting corrupt or deceptive business practices, and helping consumers to make more informed choices. I think their mission is important, and I appreciate the work they do.

Who is your favorite blogger on the Consumerist site? 

Kate Cox is my favorite blogger on the Consumerist site. I love her no-nonsense approach to consumer issues, and her willingness to call out companies when they screw up. She’s also got a great sense of humor, which is a bonus.

What do you think is the most important thing that the Consumerist blog does? 

The Consumerist blog does a great job of exposing unethical and illegal consumer practices by corporations.

They’ve done some great investigations over the years that have resulted in changes to how companies do business. For example, their reporting on the shady business practices of Ticketmaster led to the US Department of Justice filing an antitrust lawsuit against the company.