How To Pick A Blog Name?

How To Pick A Blog Name?

How to pick a blog name? It’s a very first question that will raise when you start thinking about starting a blog.

Your blog name is a digital extension of your identity, and it represents you online. Choose a long-lasting, respectable name that you will be happy to stand behind for years to come and on which you may be able to develop a business.

The first section of your blog post that your readers will see is the title, which is what will persuade them to click through and read the rest. They’re what people use when they share your blog article, which means that if a reader loves your material enough to share it with their social network, their followers will view this section of the site.

Tips For Choosing Blog Names

1. Pay Attention to Your Favorite Headlines

Begin to pay more attention to the titles you encounter in your life and the way you respond to them. Just the same way that starting to read more can help you become a better writer, starting to pay more attention to the titles you encounter and how you respond to them will get you thinking about what works and why regularly throughout the day. And by thinking like this, you’ll improve your headline writing skills.

2. Practice Coming Up With Blog Titles

Give yourself the task of composing blog titles regularly; the more you do it, the simpler it will become. Not only for the blog entries you produce but for the discipline of creating titles in general.

3. Emotional Appeal

Researchers have discovered that whether or not we realize why we click and share blog postings is frequently an emotional decision. As a result, blog titles that appeal to the reader’s emotions are particularly effective for motivating shares.

4. The subject of the blog

Your effort will be useless if you spend hours creating a blog name to decide later to blog about something completely unrelated. For example, suppose you chose the name “Genius Photography” and then write about gaming.

5. Will You Create A Brand Around Your Blog’s Name?

Whether you’re offering a product or a service, your blog name can help you create and market your brand. Pinch of Yum, for example, is a cuisine blog site with hundreds of simple and delicious recipes. It also incorporates photography and marketing options for other food bloggers.

6. Easy To Say

A blog name may appear impressive on paper, but it might not be apparent when spoken aloud. For example, users of a photo-sharing service called ‘Flickr’ automatically type ‘Flicker,’ which directs them to a different blog from the one they need.

How To Come Up With A Name For Your Blog


An abbreviation can frequently be better than the full-length form of a brand name. Take, for example, International Business Machines. That’s a significant sentence, and with so many letters, there’s a reasonable risk it’ll be mistyped or misspelled. IBM, on the other hand, is catchy and memorable.


Alliteration is the repetition of consonants at the beginning of two or more words following each other or at short intervals. The natural rhythm that alliterations provide to your business name is one of the most enjoyable aspects of them.

Switch To Another Language

If you’re having a problem coming up with a unique name in your language, try something new. Alternatively, blend terms from several languages. Examine your competitors.

Checking your rivals’ websites may not seem like the ideal option, but it may occasionally provide you with enough ideas. You might get an idea of what could work for you by looking at what a rival is doing.