How to Make My Blog Look Better

How to Make My Blog Look Better

Every blogger is busy hunting the internet for articles on “How to make my blog look better.” The structure and the outlook of your blog may put off readers even when the content is great. An attractive and eye-catching blog compels readers to read your blog even if they did not want to.

In this article, we have sampled out a few tips on how you can make your blog look better. Take a look and read to the end to capture it all.

Catchy Headline

Your Headline has a great impact on your blog. It actually determines who will read your contentA normal sketch headline will make your audience think it’s just another normal post and may not take it seriously.  

Choose A Nice Font

The font you use matters a lot. A very Small font may make your readers strain and leave the content halfway, while a very large font doesn’t look so nice and could make your content look too long. Just do the right formatting with a medium font.

Stick To The Topic

Before you ask how to make your blog look better, ask yourself if your articles are all aligned to your niche. Avoid mixing up topics in a single blog. If you have different interests, it’s better to choose one or do different blogs. This will help you keep your traffic because very few people would love to get different information from what their interest was at first. Whoever your target audience is according to your topic, focus on them. If, for instance, you target the teenage, then address the teenage avoid deviating to bring in some aspects concerning adults.

Add Impressive Images And Photos

Make your blog post visually appealing by adding appropriate and impressive images and photos. Reading a plane post online is quite boring. Images entertain and motivate the readers as they break the monotony, and the readers can read through your post to the end. Images play a big role in your blog as they help the readers get the context or point before they read the content.

Create A Lively Content

The composition of your content should compel, persuade and motivate your audience. It should be one that makes them eager to read your next post. Not too plain; should be educative, insightful, funny, and helpful, of course. Also, reread and edit your content to ensure there is flow. Remove unnecessary things. Maintain short but informative content.

Structure Your Post

The speed of reading an online post is lower than reading a novel. A good structure will make your blog look better and catch the attention of your readers. Keep the paragraphs short. However long the post may be, with short paragraphs the reader will keep scrolling to the end. You can make use of bullet lists and subheadings to structure your post. The headers will break your post into sections and provide readers with ample time even to skim through and know what you’re up to. Some people are not fun of reading; headers could therefore guide them to read exactly what they want to read.

Get A Designer To Make Your Blog Look Better

You may not be well conversant with everything. If you really care about your blog and its looks, just hire a designer to help you make everything right. The designer can help you get a well-designed theme or template that matches your blog and place nice images where appropriate. When contracting your designer, precisely state your need from the onset. You can say, “I want to know how to make my blog look better.” That will help the designer know where to come in.

Feature Your Best Post Within A Slide

Any visitor who comes to your blog and meets a slide with a past post well designed with some gorgeous images will definitely be curious to read and will always be back to read more posts.

Increase The Frequency Of Posting

When you post regularly, you draw consistent traffic, especially when your blog is new. New blogs have little content by default, and so if you take too long to post content, you will lose your traffic as they aren’t sure whether you mean it or it was just a periodic thing. They can’t actually predict when new posts would come. This may not, however, be the case with famous and established blogs. They always have enough content to keep the traffic. Therefore, if you want to know how to make your blog look better, then that is one of the secrets; post more quality articles.

Have A Fantastic Footer

You should give your post a nice ending, don’t assume nobody gets there. Many people would like to get everything. Just make everything look nice and professional.