Frequently Asked Questions

How to access admin area of the scripts?

For example, if your website is and if you upload and install the script into “SCRIPTFOLDER” subdirectory on your website, then you will be able to access the admin area like this:

There you will see admin login form and just enter username and password you choose during the installation.

Change blog post url to be seo friendly eg.

Since the scripts are made to be included into a page of your website, they do not have control over the URLs of your pages and .htaccess file on your web root directory.
So, that’s why we make SEO friendly URLs manally for each client and installed script individually, depends on the desired URLs.
It is a paiable service.

FAQ Script PHP – Can users answer questions or only the admin?

Only the administrator or the website owner could only answer visitors(users) questions. The visitor could only ask questions anread the answers.

Is there any Object Oriented Code in the scripts?

No, there is no object oriented programming code or capsulated code in the scripts. All the scripts are coded with simple procedural programming and PHP code is implemented into the HTML code.

Here you may find answers to the popular questions we receive about our scripts. If you can’t find the answer please use our contact form.

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