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Test with the Mercedes E-Class Coupe: the anti-claustrophobia pill
Automobiles / March 30th, 2017 8:19 am


The brand-new Coupe of the E-Class grew in every direction and the growth can be sensed just where the rivals fail: in the rear seating area. Finally, the rear bench of a full-size coupe has become an alluring place. Test with the Mercedes E-Class Coupe in the E 220 d and E 400 variants.


Are you suffering from claustrophobia? Get an E-Class Coupe! You may be feeling that there is a contradiction in the two statements? Well, there is none: the coupe of the full-size model has grown in a single generation as othe...
Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa – Virtual Reality at 30,000 feet above the ground
Automobiles / January 6th, 2017 11:48 am

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa are rethinking the future of mobility.  Terrestrial and aerial both. It’s something that the two German companies do every day and now they have joined forces. This past summer, the inaugural flight from Frankfurt to San Jose, California, has marked the beginning of their partnership.

During the inaugural flight, Mercedes-Benz together with Lufthansa have launched the FlyingLab. It is the latest entertainment gear that can be used during flights, devices that help passengers pass the time, as they travel 30,000 f...
Samsung Galaxy S8 release date allegedly revealed
Mobile Devices / January 6th, 2017 11:39 am

Rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 come by the dozen these days. The latest one is about the release date.

Industry insiders suggested that the D day is April 18 which is quite late compared to the releases of previous flagships. For comparison Galaxy S7/S7 Edge was released last year on March 11.

Previously Samsung was gearing to announce the Galaxy S8 at MWC next month, but late design changes and reports about the Note 7 issues made the Korean company push it back.

We are still expecting the official report but for now it looks lik...

Note: this is only demo. All the comments and reviews are fictional and they are used only to show the demo of Simple Blog PHP script. Any coincidence with real names or emails are fortuitious.
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