The Borderland Beat: A Blog on Mexican Drug War

The Borderland Beat: A Blog on Mexican Drug War

The Borderland Beat is a news blog that reports on the Mexican Drug War. It has been in existence since May 2008 and was originally started by Scott Stewart, a former U.S. Diplomat who spent nearly six years working for the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) protecting American diplomats posted overseas.

Borderland Beat focuses on all types of violence related to Mexico’s drug wars but pays particular attention to homicides, beheadings and other gory executions perpetrated by organized criminal groups across Mexico. It also reports on corruption, military deployments, human rights abuses and other issues related to the Mexican Drug War. 

The blog is updated frequently and with each update Borderland Beat posts a list of media references that contain information about events reported on Borderland Beat as well as links to more information from external sources. It also reports on the U.S.-Mexico security cooperation efforts, human rights news related to the Mexican Drug War, drug trafficking news, arms trafficking news and corruption related news. 

The Borderland Beat has a wide range of sources that include official government statements, local media reports, alternative media outlets, social media postings by individuals on Twitter and Facebook as well as links found on other blogs and websites. The blog does not report breaking news but does provide updates on events reported in Mexico’s drug wars. It is not an official news agency but rather a blog that reports on the Mexican Drug War and criminal groups operating in Mexico. The blog also reports on how the Mexican Drug War impacts U.S public policy matters such as immigration, border security and trade between Mexico and the United States. 

The Borderland Beat’s mission is to provide clarity and context in the English language in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in Mexico’s drug wars. The blog has been cited by various U.S., Mexican and international media organizations such as The Associated Press, Univision, The Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post and others. The blog has also been cited by numerous U.S. state, local and federal law enforcement agencies during press conferences and other public briefings in order to illustrate the Mexican Drug War’s impact on communities across the United States. 

It provides information about events related to Mexico’s drug wars from a unique perspective – combining traditional reporting with a first-hand account of Borderland Beat’s founder, Scott Stewart, who spent nearly six years working for the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) protecting American diplomats posted overseas. The Borderland Beat began as an email list that was created by Stewart for former Diplomatic Security Service agents and friends upon his departure from the U.S. Department of State in 2008. 

The Borderland Beat adheres to a strict policy of non-endorsement of any particular person, group or agenda that Stewart may post about on Borderland Beat other than official government statements and reports released by mainstream media outlets, law enforcement agencies or academic organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Borderland Beat

How has the Borderland Beat blog evolved over time?

The Borderland Beat blog has evolved over time from a blog that was strictly about the drug war in Mexico to a blog that now covers a variety of topics related to security and violence in the region.

One of the reasons for this shift is that the drug war in Mexico has become more complicated and multi-faceted, with various factions and groups involved in different aspects of the conflict. As such, it has become increasingly difficult to provide comprehensive coverage of just the drug war alone.

Another reason for the shift is that security and violence have begun to affect other parts of Latin America as well, such as Central America and South America. So the Borderland Beat blog has gradually expanded its scope to cover these other journalists and writers.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Mexico’s drug war?

The current state of Mexico’s drug war is a mess. I believe that the root cause of this problem is the demand for drugs in the United States. Until we address this issue, we will continue to see problems like this arise.

What do you think needs to happen to improve the situation in Mexico’s drug war

I think that a more concerted effort is needed on the part of the Mexican government to crack down on drug trafficking and organized crime. Also, better education and opportunities are needed for the people living in those areas so that they have something to turn to instead of drugs.

It’s important to remember that this is a complex issue with no easy solutions. There are many factors at play, such as poverty, lack of opportunity, and corruption. However, I believe that if we address these issues head-on, we can make progress in solving the problem.


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