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A Motley Vision

For faithful LDS people in post-secondary education, the A Motley Vision blog has been a much-visited site since its inception in 2008. While the blog is heavy on criticism of Mormon art and literature (especially film), it also contains interesting articles about other topics such as current events and politics, New York City history, and popular culture.

A Motley Vision is a great resource for college students and anyone else interested in Mormon media, but also contains articles of interest to non-Mormons interested in LDS-related content (or popular culture), such as Ayn Rand’s influence on Mitt Romney. It provides writers, bloggers, and readers with an outlet for a more substantial analysis of religious art. It strives to publish quality (and hopefully, at times controversial) work by Mormons and non-Mormons alike, and we hope A Motley Vision will inspire people to think more deeply about all forms of media – whether it be music, film, literature or theatre – and how they can apply Mormon doctrine and belief to it.

A Motley Vision believes that Mormon film and literature is an important aspect of Mormonism and does not merely want to criticize but also present positive messages and examples about the arts from a Mormon perspective. It strives for constructive criticism; we want to help LDS media-makers improve their acrylic paint craft because we realize that criticism can be useful. It provides an outlet for Mormons with similar interests to share their thoughts about Mormon art, film, literature, and theater in a thoughtful way.

The blog not only provides criticism but also insights into the writing process of its authors. A reader can see the blog’s authors working through problems in their essays and give readers insight into A Motley Vision authors’ thoughts and emotions. The posts lengthy essays on Mormon film and literature, providing a resource for those interested in reading about these topics and perhaps inspiring them to create their own work based on the blog’s articles.

A new blog post is published every Wednesday morning. A reader can find new insights into the blog from each post as well as from A Motley Vision’s archives. It is a place for writing about the arts as they relate to Mormon culture and Mormonism itself. It tells stories of how different works have touched A Motley Vision authors’ lives, acting as a memoir of sorts that reminds the blog authors that they are not alone in their experiences and feelings.

A Motley Vision is a blog, after all, but its authors do more than just write: the blog also provides A Motley Vision authors’ work in podcast form and the website contains an A Motley Vision YouTube channel. It is a Mormon blog but it’s contributors do not all have to be Mormons, and the website welcomes works from authors of other faiths.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Motley Vision

What is the vision for Motley Vision Blog?

The Blog’s vision is to provide a unique, insightful perspective on the Mormon arts. We aim to be a critical voice that challenges and pushes the boundaries of traditional Mormon artistic expression. Our goal is to create a space for dialogue and discussion about the role of art within Mormonism and its impact on society as a whole.

What is the focus of the Motley Vision Blog?

The Motley Vision blog is focused on Mormon arts. That includes the arts and artists that are inspired by Mormonism, whether they are members of the church or not.

The blog was created to provide a space for people to share their work and to celebrate the creativity of Mormon artists. It also provides a forum for discussing how Mormon art can be used to build bridges between different faith communities.