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Simple Blog PHP script

If you need a blog on your website, you're at the right place.

Simple Blog PHP script could be easily installed into your existing(current) website, and fit the design of the webpage.

Your website visitors can read your post and leave comments in it.
Any publication of a new comment is spam protected using captcha verification.
The design of Simple Blog PHP allow putting it into responsive(mobile devices friendly) websites.
Administrators have their own password protected page, where they can create, edit or delete their posts.
Simple Blog PHP supports these features:
On your request and for a reasonable price, we may add or change features on the Simple Blog PHP script.
FREE INSTALLATION - If you are having trouble with the installation and/or configuration, we provide free installation on your website. Just email us at
Simple Blog PHP requires PHP 5.3 or higher and MySQL 5.0 or higher to run on your web server, so please make sure your hosting meet the requirements.
Current stable version of Simple Blog PHP is 3.0 (major update, released in January 31, 2018). Updates log.
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