Add a blog on your personal website - Simple Blog PHP

If you would like to add a blog on your personal website, you’re at the right place. Simple Blog PHP is a script that could be easily included into your existing(current) html website, and you will have a blog page that fits the design of the page.


Audimated: A Music Marketplace

Audimated is a music marketplace that lets fans buy and sell their favorite songs. Its massive library of high-quality mp3s are provided by the artists themselves, making Audimated unique among online marketplaces. Audimated doesn’t just help musicians make money, it helps them promote new music …
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Boing Boing

Boing Boing: A Blog on Politics, science fiction & General Interest

For those of you who have never visited the website Boing Boing, let me tell you that it is a wonderland of all things geeky and nerdy that cannot be fully explained. However, I will try my best to explain how Boing Boing has impacted our culture, but first I think it’s important to learn a little bit about the website itself …
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Blogcritics: A Blog Entertainment and Science News

Blogging is an online writing phenomenon that has only been around for a few years, but it is already shaping the way people communicate and share information. Blogs range from personal diaries to journalism and everything in between. Blogcritics is one of the most successful emerging blog networks and online magazines on the Web today …
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Balkinization: A Law Blog by Jack Balkin

Balkinization is one of the biggest, with new posts almost daily by Balkin and his stable of talented commenters. It covers American law from Constitutional Law to Civil Liberties to Jurisprudence to Political Theory. Balkin was on of the first successful law bloggers, publishing since 2002 …
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The website is a video blog discussion site in which the participants take part in an active back and forth conversation via webcam which is then broadcast online to viewers. The name was taken from the term “blog” and “pundit”, or someone who gives an uninformed opinion on things they do not fully understand …
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Borderland Beat

The Borderland Beat: A Blog on Mexican Drug War

The Borderland Beat is a news blog that reports on the Mexican Drug War. It has been in existence since May 2008 and was originally started by Scott Stewart, a former U.S. Diplomat who spent nearly six years working for the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) protecting American diplomats posted overseas …
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Brain Blogger

Brain Blogger: A Blog on Multidimensional Biopsychosocial Perspectives

Brain Blogger is a Scientific American partner biomedical blog sponsored by the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). It provides original and accessible neuroscience-related content and resources, and aims to inspire and educate the general public about the progress and potential of brain research. Brain Blogger can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr. The blog is edited by Shaheen Lakhan …
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SB Nation

SB Nation: Sports Blog on the Oakland Athletics Baseball Team

SB Nation is a sports blogging network owned by Vox Media. It provides many different kinds of content, or what SB Nation calls “fanposts.” Fanposts are either submitted by regular people who want to share their opinions on a particular team or they can be written by their employees …
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The Consumerist

The Consumerist: The Blog on Consumerism

The Consumerist was the most widely read and most influential consumer affairs website in the U.S. consumer affairs, it is a blog that covers a variety of topics relevant to its readers, including but not limited to technology, finance/banking/credit cards, food and drink, arts and culture, entertainment, environmental issues, and more …
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A Motley Vision

A Motley Vision – Criticism of the Mormon Arts

For faithful LDS people in post-secondary education, the A Motley Vision blog has been a much-visited site since its inception in 2008. While the blog is heavy on criticism of Mormon art and literature (especially film), it also contains interesting articles about other topics such as current events and politics, New York City history, and popular culture …
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Simple Blog PHP accents

  • Responsive – could fit any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Option to use meta title and meta description, so the blog will be more SEO friendly
  • Any language support
  • Installation is one step simple process(we provide free installation)
  • WYSIWYG(text) editor for formatting the post text
  • Images, flash movies, vimeo and youtube videos are supported in the post message
  • Categories, latest post titles, archive in the right-side bar(all optional)
  • Ability to place particular category on a separate page

Requirements, Version and Free Installation

requirements: PHP version 5.3 or higher and MySQL version 5.0 or higher.

Current stable version of Simple Blog PHP is 3.0 (major update – January 31, 2018). Updates log.

Once you buy a script license we will install it and test it for you for free.


You can buy Simple Blog PHP with Single or Extended License:

Single License

$59.99 lifetime

  • single website installation
  •  Free minor updates for 3 months
  •  Free installation service for one website within 3 months
  •  Get fixes with reported bugs for 3 months
  •  Source code included
  •  Changes to the code allowed
  •  Copyright removal
  • Get Started

Extended License

$249.99 lifetime

  •  Unlimited website installations
  •  Free minor and major updates for one year
  •  Up to five free installation services within year
  •  Get fixes with reported bugs for one year
  •  Source code included
  •  Changes to the code allowed
  •  Copyright removal
  • Get Started

Simple Blog PHP Features

Fully responsive front-end

Could be included into responsive web pages. Works just as well on a mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

Simple one step installation wizard

The wizard will ask you for the database connection details, and choose admin username and password.

Protected administration page

Well designed admin area will allow you to manage posts, categories, comments and options.

Any language support

You will be able to translate all the text in front-end and back-end of the script in your own language.

Categories for posts

Create categories and organize your posts. In the sidebar visitors will be able to filter by category or months.

Meta title and description

The script will automatically generate meta title and meta description foe each post and will help you for better on page SEO.

Fully readable source code

Easy customizable open php/html/css source code. Any web developer will be able to edit it.

Search bar

Readers will be able to search and find the exact post from the list of results.

Comments on each post

Admin can allow/disallow comments on each post and approve before having them listed.

WYSIWYG editor

Text editor for styling and format content of the posts. Also, ability to add images and videos.

Captcha protection

Choose from 4 captchas on comments form. Option to add banned words – stop submitting bad comments.

Developer License

This means that you may install the script unlimited times without restriction for the number of domains.

Social share buttons

At the bottom of each post page visitor will be able to click and share on their favourite social media.

RSS Feed validated by w3c

The script automatically generate RSS feed, so readers could subscibe and show your posts on their websites.

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