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Simple Blog PHP script

If you need a blog on your website, you're at the right place.

Simple Blog PHP script could be easily installed into your existing(current) website.

Your website visitors can read your post and leave comments in it.
Any publication of a new comment is spam protected using captcha verification.
Administrators have their own password protected page, where they can create, edit or delete their posts.
Simple Blog PHP supports these features:
  • any language support
  • simple css setup through admin with unlimited visual combinations under your control
  • option to use meta title and meta description, so the blog will be more SEO friendly
  • latest code stardard used, the script could work with any old or new PHP version including 5.5
  • responsive width, so the script could fit any screen, tablet or mobile device
  • installation is one step simple process (we provide free installation help)
  • copy and paste single line of code to insert the blog on your web page
  • WYSIWYG (html) editor for the post text with option to choose from CKeditor, nicEdit and TinyMCE
  • images, flash movies, vimeo and youtube videos are supported in the post message
  • ability to link the images with lightbox(enlarge image on click)
  • language file for the admin area, so you could translate administrator area
  • search box (optional)
  • share buttons "FaceBook", "Twitter", "LinkedIn" etc... to each post
  • date and time format for different countries and languages
  • sorting the order of comments
  • multiple options for the captchas on post comments form
  • option to create a list of banned IP addresses and list with banned words
  • approving comments before having them listed
  • option to select multiple comments and delete at once(bulk)
  • email address where all new comments notifications will be sent to
  • option to set time offset if the server time is different than your time
  • option to use external CSS file if you want to customize the look of the script with your own skills
  • optional A+/a- increase/decrease for post text
  • Blog RSS Feed - validated by W3C
On your request and for a reasonable price, we may add or change features on the Simple Blog PHP script.
FREE INSTALLATION - If you are having trouble with the installation and/or configuration, we provide free installation on your website. Just email us at
Simple Blog PHP requires PHP 5.0 or higher and MySQL 4.0 or higher to run on your web server, so please make sure your hosting meet the requirements.
Current stable version of Simple Blog PHP is 1.6 (released in December 04, 2015)